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Every Employee is a Customer Service Representative

Every interaction your customers have with one of your employees either helps build customer loyalty or serves to diminish it. Your customer service representatives are everywhere within your organization -- not just in the customer service department. How important are your customers? Every organization needs a strong customer service focus, and if you haven't provided an all-hands training program in customer service skills lately, maybe now is the right time.

Customer Experience Management (CEM)

Managing the customer's experience

Your employees represent your organization to your customers. Therefore, every employee who interacts with customers is a customer service representative, regardless of the employee's title.

When an employee interacts with a customer, the customer has an experience. To a high degree, whether that experience is good or bad is determined by the skill levels and behavior of the employee.

upset, unhappy customer

Our training programs emphasize the need for Customer Experience Management (CEM). Customer service representatives need to focus on the service they deliver, but more importantly they need to focus on the customer's experience.

After the customer interaction, how does the customer feel about the experience? CEM is about tuning in to the customer. It's about listening, getting feedback and making sure the customer's experience is as good as it can possibly be.

A managed experience

Effective Customer Experience Managers are your greatest assets. They reinforce the customer's good decision to use your products and services with every interaction. They build customer loyalty and dramatically increase customer word-of-mouth advertising and referrals.

positive attitude power

Every employee who comes into contact with customers must become an effective Customer Experience Manager.

CEM isn't limited to external customer service. Customer Experience Management skills are critical for internal customer service as well.

Our role is to develop CEM skills and practices within your organization. Contact us to schedule a customer service training workshop to improve customer satisfaction, teamwork and your bottom line.


Broadcasting the Message: We Value Our Customers

When you provide customer service training to your managers and employees, you broadcast an important message to everyone. It's a message that is often lost in the shuffle of day-to-day work, but it's a critical message. Without your customers, your organization wouldn't exist. A customer service training workshop sends the message that every employee needs to value customers.

External Customers, Internal Customers and Teamwork

Customer service training is not only for employees who interact with your external customers. It's about internal customer service, too. Your employees need to see the people in other departments as their customers and treat them with the same respect, consideration and professionalism. In our customer service training workshops we focus on teamwork and an expanded view of what the word team refers to. Any time two or more people need to work together to accomplish a task or goal, they are a team. We train your managers and employees to team up with internal and external customers to improve productivity and relationships. That's the heart of customer service.

Customer Service Training is Team Building

Our training programs provide training in customer service skills, processes, communication, problem-solving, conflict management and relationship development. Essentially, we equip your people to be customer-focused and team-oriented. Our workshops improve teamwork. They also improve morale and employee engagement.

CSR Training for Customer Service Departments

If your interest is in improving the skills of the members of your customer service department or call center, we also deliver customized training to sharpen their skills and techniques. Are you concerned about the results of your customer satisfaction survey? We will work with your customer service managers to identify the real problems and to develop a targeted program to improve your service levels.

Customer Service Training for Managers & Supervisors

Improvements in customer service begin with your organization's managers and supervisors. They must set the example for their teams. In addition to employee training, we offer internal and external customer service training and coaching for the members of your management team.

Customer Service & the Value Equation

The Value Equation

Customer service is about delivering value to customers. The Value Equation is very simple: Value equals Perceived Benefits divided by Cost. You can deliver great products and services, but it's the customer's perception that determines the value delivered. If your customers are unhappy they will eventually leave and find solutions of higher value. They don't leave because of high cost. They leave because of low value.

Our training programs focus on increasing customer value by increasing the perceived benefits and reducing the irritation factor costs. The irritation factor costs include slow response time, inconveniences and frustrating customer service attitudes & processes.

These same principles apply to internal customer service. And since internal customers can't just leave and take their business elsewhere, the irritation factor costs can create animosity and hostility between departments. Our workshops are designed to maximize the value delivered to internal and external customers.

Improving the Emotional Intelligence EQ of Your Managers & Employees

In some organizations the managers have formed a strong, cohesive leadership team, working together to lead the organization to greatness. In other organizations, they are simply a group of managers, running their departments, and don't posess the characteristics of a team. If you want to build a great organization, your managers must function as a team of leaders. Let us help you build that leadership team. We can structure a workshop or a series of workshops designed to pull your managers together and give them the vision and skills to become a cohesive leadership team, leading your organization to greatness.

Customer Loyalty & Your Customer Service Training Investment

Your customers are of great value to you. Contact us today for a detailed outline and a price quote for a customized customer service training program for your organization. Your investment in customer service training is an investment in customer loyalty and teamwork that will deliver a substantial ROI.





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